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        Welcome to Our Website!
        Ammonium Bicarbonate
        Urea-base Compound Fertilizer
        Polypeptide urea
        Contact Us
        Add: Middle section, Xingye Road, Industrial cluster area, Huixian, Henan Province
        Zip Code: 453600
        Fax: +86-373-6201368
        Websit: www.lanketa.com
        E-mail: haolidachem@126.com
        Compound fertilizer:

        Our Agrochemical Service Center was founded in 1987. It mainly works on the agrochemicals application. It employs 21 agriculture, soil, plant and agricultural economic experts. It is equipped with advanced lab instruments such as atomic absorption spectrophotometer, flame photometer and GC, capable of giving precise soil/plant nutrition analysis and offering most cost-effective solutions. The peanut fertilizer, wheat fertilizer and fruit tree fertilizer developped by our center had been awarded prizes by the government of Henan province, Xinxiang City and Huixian City. We sow seeds of agricultural technology and we harvest recognition of us and our products from local community.


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